• To provide better livelihood opportunities for every Filipino Overseas workers in search for a greener pasture;

  • To provide quality of service to our clients in the highest standards of manpower recruitment services;

  • To deliver timely recruitment services, based on an intimate understanding of our client’s needs, in order to enable them to have a competitive advantage with a strong emphasis on quality and processes;

  • To provide valuable competent services and solutions and exceed the expectations of our clients thus developing long term relationships;

  • To maintain our commitment to truth, professional ethics and excellence, at all levels of the recruitment process at all times through investment in our employees.


HUMANIA INTERNATIONAL INC. (POEA-226-LB-102618-R) aims to provide Filipino workers to meet the needs of our client manpower request. Through our mission Humania International Inc. endeavors to facilitate into reality the dreams of the common Filipino seeking a meaningful life and education for their loved ones and help them achieve a brighter future and respectable work abroad into becoming world class and competent overseas workers.